Compass for P&H Scorpio

Can anyone suggest a compass that will fit?

Not looking to spend a couple hundred $ right now so....


Search on google for either silva or brunton 70p compass, the compass recess in your kayak will take any 70p compass. There are more that will fit.

Installation instructions:

Hardware ( nuts and bolts ) can be purchased at, I’d recommend stainless steel bolts and stainless steel locking nuts. Some folks like to dab a bit of marine sealant ( not silicone ) to seal holes.

best price on the best compass



Thanks for the info and links.

$85 with free shipping sounds like a great deal, thanks.

I was looking at the Ritchie V-527 Slope Mount Kayak Compass but wasn’t sure about fit or quality.

I’ve heard that it neither fits nor works as well as the Brunton. Hearsay, I know, but this IS an internet forum, right? :slight_smile:


I “know” the Brunton name. Its only a few bucks more so I’ll stick with what I know.