compass for tempest 170

I would like a compass for my plastic tempest 17 as it already has a mounting area for it any suggestions?

does ws have one to recomend.

cheers & thanks.

70P… only one that fits…
Made under different names but is the same compass…

search for best price…

He’s referring to the Brunton 70P

I got one online for about $100last year.

Richie V-527
a new one that fits.

white face, higher numbers. I’m testing one right now and seems pretty sweet. Confluence may switch to this model in the future.


compass for tempest 170
Viking Optics has the Ritchie v-527 on sale for under $60.

Brunton p70

$103 from Amazon, free shipping and no sales tax. I know it fits all Valley kayaks, no idea bout Tempest, but others seem to write above that it fits. Enjoy!

Will the V-527 and the Brunton
be ok to store in sub-freezing tempertures? Also, can anyone provide any comparison info between these 2 compasses? Visibility, accuracy, durability?

Thanks, Art