Compass for Valley

I’ve got a Valley Skerray, a few years old, anyone know which deck monted compass fits the space desined for it? Or do I have to go out and measure the damn thing? Thanks!!! ; )

Silva P70?
Probably a Silva P70 – that’s what the current Valley boats take.

Is the only compass that fits in the recess. I believe they are marketed by ComNav now. Easy to install, too.

Nexus 70P is the model
ComNav, Silva, Brunton, all make it and they’ll all fit.

Probably it’s a 70P, but
I have a ca. 1990 Anas that has a different recess. Might be worth measuring if it’s an older boat.

The 70P (not P70 if you search for it) model has been made by a few different companies, but this is the one you want.

It’s the same compass
The brand name has changed repeatedly, but only one company actually makes the 70P.