Compass material question?

Is it plexiglass? Anyone ever buff it? It has some scratches on top not really where I look but the bug me. Ritchie CD deck compass :compass:

Probably Plexiglas® V825 -HID acrylic resin. You should be able to buff it out, but be careful not to further scratch or overheat it when polishing.

For minor scratches non-gel toothpaste or baking soda will work. They also make kits specifically for polishing plastic.

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I have lexan polish I’ll try Novus I think. :+1: Thanks.

SimiChrome is also good for such things.

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Have you thought of asking the manufacturer?

Doubt they would bother taking the time. Doubt they want responsibility of telling me anything they have zero control of me doing. Thanks.

It took me less than a minute to find their site, and if you can find the exact model number, you can download a manual from their Resource Center link at the top of their page. Under their Care and Maintenance link, you can order servicing or get it refurbished.

Thanks. Not mailing it back, didn’t see anything on polishing the lens.

Looks like a nice compass. Careful you don’t buff it too much or a genie will pop out and you’ll have to recalibrate.

Curuious how you’d mount that. I’ve looked at many compases online. The nicer ones tempt me but I keep thinking that if I hard mount it, it will eventually get hit with something and break or break off. And the cheap ones don’t even work right. They point the opposite way :roll_eyes:

Bolts in to deck silicone underneath. Not breaking easy unless you hammered :hammer: it a good bit. Thick durable mount.

So you can flush mount these without the bracket?

Hole in deck

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No, you would use a flush or surface mount. They make different mounting versions.

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His deck is peaked on his Caribou.

I have almost the same compass (it used to be removable).

I’d try Novus plastic polish, its made for plastic windows in car convertible tops, so should be safe product to try.

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Now I just need to find it :joy:.

This is the kit I have. Works great on the Spitfire’s convertible’s rear window:

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PaddleDog, who makes the recessed base that your compass is mounted through (the one Ritchie’s is fastened to)

Current Design. It used to be a separate item you could buy and maybe it still is.

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Current Designs 150 bucks compass & base far as I know you can’t buy the base only. You can call and ask Susan.

Silicone on base of mount.