Compass mount on WS Tsunami 140?

I’m thinking about taking my Tsunami 140 on a long weekend trip. Does anyone know if I can mount a compass on it? Or should I just get a small one on a lanyard?

Anyone else recently outfit this boat and have any tips / equipment recommendations?

bungie type
compass works great. There’sa couple different manufacturers. a flat mounted deck compass could work too but not as easily.

other outfitting ideas? backstrap instead of the Barco lounger! :wink:


I don’t think that boat has the mounting hole for a Brunton or similar recessed compass.

But you can always use one that attached on the deck using straps, like a

Oh, there are distinct advantages to putting one on your deck, over using a hand held.

deck outfit
not necessarily just specific to the Tsunami but there are several elements that will work on yours including the compass.


Thanks for the advice everyone!