Compass mounting

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I have 2 kayaks and want to buy and use only one compass for both. The standard seems to be the Orca compass but I am not sure how it would mount on my 2 boats. They both have a peaked deck like the roof of a house. Not being a flat surface it seems the compass with its bungie cords would be caddywampus. Anybody have this problem.... or a solution? How do these things attach? To the deck eyes that my bungies snake through?

cut a piece of foam to the contour of your deck, glue the compass to the foam and you’re all set.

There is a compass by sunnto

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wuing the same capsule but with a smap on bracket you install on your deck. two brackets self installed will ensure proper alignment even if getting trashed in surf.

No clip-on set up will get that.

Yes you will need a small screw hole in your deck. make sure to seal it up.

IMHOP This is the way to go if you are going cheap.

sorry I do not know the name, but if you search sunnto's web site you'll find it.

If you will live and die by your compass bearing, carry a back up. I'd hate to trust my life to that bracket. I'd hate to trust my live to a brunton p70 but at least it's got four screws holding it on.

Pioneer is the same as Orca except it has the mount instead of bungees. It is removable (from the mount) - and the mount goes on with two screws small (included). Good options for roto boats as the screws will seal the small holes if done tight.

If there is no flat spot a round piece of foam the diameter of the compass base, flat on top and matched to deck shape on bottom (or just compressed by the mount when screwed on) should make up the difference. If you can get the mount level and centered, you may not need the foam in between as the compass base is flexible and will conform amd bit. To be really slick you could skip the foam and just carve a bit out of the middle of the plastic mounting piece so it matches the deck shape. Then it will sit all teh way donw and the rubber compass base will seat right (in full contact with dech and snug).

Had one of these on the WS Tarpon 160 I used to have. It was great. Shop around online and you can find them for a good bit less than the $40 MSRP.


compass mounting
You should try that model from Brunton.It comes with 4 bungie cords.I do have one installed on P&H Capella and it does the job very good.

compass mounting
Here’s the web site of Brunton.

If your deck is not too peaked…
… you can cut a notch in the compass housing to fit over the peak. This worked well for one of my boats… GH

It would be nice to know a bit about
who you are. whether you’ve ever used this setup in nasty surf that threatened to rip the paddle out of your hand and turned you over a couple of times.

I do know one good paddler who uses a bungie-on compass from time to time. I encourage all paddlers to check the compass accuracy sometimes by comparing compass bearing to a far off landmark wiht a nearby friend. Might to do that after a surf thrashing or even after just setting your compass up.