compass visibility

I’m nearsighted, not fully correctible, so visibility for a deck compass is paramount. I’m curious about which of the popular Ritchie XP99 versions, the white or the black, is more clearly visible during primarily daylight hours.

Anyone know?


I have no idea
BUT, a thought is to go to a store, set them both next to each other on the floor, sit down about the distance you would be if they were mounted on your boat and see which works best.

I do not have a compass-mount depression in my boat so I put my compass at the bow where I could see it easy and glued velcro to the deck and compass so it is always in line and at the right spot.

Before I bought a deck compass, I velcro’d my orienteering compass to the deck at the edge of my cockpit so I could see it easily.

There are options. Be imaginative and see what works best for you and your boat.