Can anyone direct me where to find a compass to mount on my scupper pro? It has about a four inch diameter platform to mount one to. All the ones that I have found strap to deck riggings, which I do not have in the area. I am looking for one that I can glue/mount the base and the actual compass is removable.

Suunto Pioneer Kayak Compass
This is the only one that I know of:

(Note: NRS also carries this compass, but the site above shows the mounting plate.)

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Does anyone
. . . have any experience with mounting one of these on a kayak? How secure is it? How does it stack up to the one that shock cords to the deck lines?


I purchased a marine sealant/glue that I have used with my kayak that seems to be impossible to remove once I applied it. My plan was to use this to mount the base for the compass so I didn’t have to drill extra holes in the kayak.

eye straps
How ‘bout using one of the compasses that does strap to deck rigging and then to facilitate its use, install a couple of very small eye straps on the deck just to port and starboard of where the compass will mount and then attach the straps or bungees from the compass base to that. Be sure to use brass or bronze or plastic eye straps so as not to effect the compass.

is perfect for SOTs like the Scupper and Tarpons that have a flat spot for it.

I had one on my T160 and it was great. Very secure, very easy to pop on and off, good visibility.

The low small base screws on and stays there. If the pilot holes are small the screws will self tap and seal (don’t over tighten). If you don’t trust it add some marine goop or something, but these are small holes, completely filled with the screws, and on top of the kayak.

The compass housing is flexible - that’s how it pops on and off - but designed not to do so by accident - and can handle some abuse (same compass/housing as the “Orca” model - just comes with base plate instead of bungees).

Search for SUUNTO PIONEER online and you’ll probably save $10-15 over MSRP of $40.

Can you see it at right distance?
Beware placing it too close, looking down and up makes many dizzy and sea sick, especially in the very conditions you will actually need it, fog, rough weather, dark. Is the dial big enough so when placed forward you can see it? My coach likes having several compasses on board of various kinds so one always works for you.

He wanted to know the direction.

I think so
I wanted one that mounts and is about 2-3" wide. I should easily be able to see it from the sitting position. I really wanted to mount something like that as a matter of convenience and not having to keep checking my course by hand. I plan on doing a trip in the keys where I have to keep a bearing for a while because the next island isn’t always visible. I really want it removable so it doesn’t get stolen or damaged when not on the water.