just looking to outfit my kayak with a deck compass…large enough to read, yet not huge and bulky…any leads?..andy

Suunto , makes a reliable deck compass
and is available at west marine for about $30

If it fits a brunton 70 p is a top

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notch compass but it is hard to find one for under $80.

ritchie is ofted used for flush mount applications. does everything the brunton does except accomodate extreme pitch and roll angles Large and readable.

multiple boats? need to go cheap? go with a single pioneer capsule and get multiple attaching brackets. you can do this with a ritchie as well for a more expensive and readable option.

Want a top notch compass to service multiple boats? then get a brunton 70 une and multiple brackets. You can even get one that self illuminates.

one thought, is the compass a convenience, or will your life, and the life of a companion or two, possibly be dependant on it? the answer to this question will indeed help you with budgeting decisions.

I own two brunton 70 P's, one strap on suunto orca (same capsule as the suunto pioneer but no snap on mounting bracket). I really need to get another 70P but perhaps I'll sell my third serious sea kayak instead.

ON the other hand I am at my lowest weight in 5 years and feeling great, so I might sell the biggest sea kayak and keep the pintail. Or maybe I shoul keep the foster shadow and sell the pintail.