I have a Valley Avocet and am wondering if there is a removable compass that uses the compass well.

I’ve found permanently mounted compasses for the well and removable compasses for the deck, but not any for the particular situation I’ve described.

Is there such a product out there and I’m just not finding it?


The well is designed for
the Brunton/Nexus/Silva 70P. You can get a deck mount version (Silva 70UN) which can be moved from boat to boat.

run velcro on the underside of the 70P faceplate and the reciprocating area on the area around the well. Could even put a patch at the base of the well and at the apex of the well-side 70P housing.

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Excellent idea
Thank you! That sounds like it would work and the velcro wouldn’t be real conspicuous when I remove the compass on the days I don’t need it. I appreciate the idea and will work on ironing out the details of it.

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has a deck plate that stays on the kayak but you can click the compass off and hide it. Two screws. They also have a portable kayak mount with four anchor points. Useful for kayaks with peaked foredecks like the Tempest. The compass divot on the Tempest is too far forward for my old eyes, plus I like to have the compass just at the end of my armreach so I can reset the lubber line as needed. I don’t like some of the Suunto, Orca and other compasses that have the grayed out area around the top of the glove. I find myself having to scrunch down to see under it or crane way up to see over it.

No, it won’t work
The base on the 70P is two pieces - a brass plate and the plastic cover - plus the compass ball. The plate and cover must be attached tightly to the deck in order to secure the compass ball properly. Velcro will not accomplish that.

I can’t think of any time you won’t need

California is famous for the fog we get. I’ve been on the water on absolutely clear and sunny days and a couple of hours later, the fog was so thick I couldn’t see past my bow.

I use the Nexus 70P compass in my Foster Shadow and also in my P&H Capella and I’m glad they’re always there. Just one more thing I don’t have to remember to take.