Complete refinish of CD Gulfstream

I have an old Current Design Gulfstream, probably from about 1999 in kevlar. It was poorly treated before I got it and gelcoat heavily weathered along with plenty of basic scrapes from use. Wondering if it can be restored to somewhat it’s original glory, it has no cracks or serious issues, just kind of ugly to look at.

I don’t have the location, nor physical capability to do the restore (bad back problems), any idea how much it would run to either re-gelcoat or perhaps paint it? Any places in new engand (MA, South NH, RI preferred)? I would be in no rush as I am getting a new Lincoln.


MD Fiberglass, Balsyon Spa NY
Mike has done excellent work with some of my customers damaged kayaks. (Tree fall guillotine like damage)

Otherwise try the crew at Lincoln Kayaks in Amesbury, MA.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY