Complete refurbish

My GF and I just purchased some awesome vintage kneel in yaks at a yard sale. We would like to refurbish, but have no idea where to start. They are fiberglass and are patched quite a bit. We took them out to test them and they actually float and are quite fun! All the gel coat is damaged and needs a lit of patchwork… So I was thinking of just re fiberglass ing both boats to make nice and even top and bottom rather than patch here and there.

I need to know where and what products we need to get. I can email photos as well…

Just how much money do you
want to sink in?

Sounds like you have decked c-1’s. Those are mostly used for whitewater.

If you are new to the sport you are in for quite the ride.

post photos
to an online photo hosting service in a public album and provide a link to the album here so that folks can look at them and give intelligent advice.

Kim is right. If they look like kayaks but are built to kneel in rather than sit in they are actually decked canoes which are typically called C-1s as per the Olympic designation for such a craft.

Try kneeling in them a while to see if you can tolerate the position before investing any money in them.

Some older slalom C-1s would be tolerable to paddle on flat water for at least moderate distances.

Given that he refers to “gelcoat”,
I wonder if they could be c-1s. I haven’t seen a gelcoated c-1 since the late 70s. I think the Hyperform c-1s were gelcoated. Noahs, Phoenix, etc., were not.

This should help
Prior to restoration…

Final steps