Completely OT - Windows 10 install

In case this is relevant for anyone, since the free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and 8 machines ends in 5 weeks.

I just finished bringing the desktop up to 10. It took between two and three hours to nursemaid thru four reboots, wait for the screens telling me about all the cool new tools to go away then put Cortana on hold until I figure out what to do with her. That is after the preliminaries were done, next.

The preliminaries are not mentioned in Microsoft’s ads…

I kept getting a message that Windows was stopping the download because of a partition size problem. After the third time of clearing out every bucket I could get to I finally did a search. It turns out that Windows 10 wants about 100 MB of the system reserve partition of the main hard drive to install. However, most Windows 7 OS’s only have between 30 and 50 MB allocated to that partition. Windows 8 is also likely to have less than the 100 MB Windows 10 wants.

It can be corrected, with patience and a good sipping beer. I found the Run command to verify my system reserve space (32 MB) and downloaded a free partition tool from Cnet. I took about 262 MB from the main partition where the apps and files are, gave most of it to System Reserve and left 10 MB unallocated between the two rather than calculate the exact portion of the remaining gigabytes.

By the way, there is also a rather lengthy reboot involved to apply the new partition settings.

So just a heads up - upgrading W7 or 8 PC carelessly is a really good way to destroy it. Microsoft does not mention that part. Best to also get a free data recovery tool if lacking. Just don’t put it on the drive that is being re-partitioned.

thanks but we’re all slaves
As you mentioned, Gates is ending the free distribution in a short time, and afterward, will stop supporting 7 and 8. So one is damned either way.

A MAC is looking better all the time.

Yup done with windows …

One other alternative
Hold with Windows 7 for now and hunt post-Christmas sales. By then 10 will be almost passe.

After today I am seriously thinking about that for the laptop. I am not sure it can handle the changes the desktop just did.

Windows 7 will be supported into
2020, so I’m staying with it. Too many fun things to do in the summer (paddling) than be tethered to a computer for hours on end updating the OS. I admire your tenacity, Celia.,2817,2475079,00.asp

Other apps
Not just a Windows thing - the apps that others make and I use will soon have no major updates out for a Windows 7 platform. Already saw it with two apps just after the update. I know they were as current as they could be this morning, but for both there was an update available the minute it saw the Windows 10 OS.

If the stupid OS didn’t affect everything else over time, I would never migrate.


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Installed Linux in 1994 in its infancy; been happy since. By now it's very user friendly. It is perhaps more pervasive than you might expect ,,, it likely runs your router, is the android core, etc.

canoes and linux :-}
Linux here also. Dual boot with windows. Windows gets used about once a month.

Would advise to upgrade to Windows 10 then reinstall Windows 7. Belive that way you get the license if you ever need it.

Sorry no dual boot on the water. Canoes only. Well maybe a surfboard.

Windows 10 Slows Down Computer
So I gave it the good old college try and “upgraded” to Windows 10 from 8.1 on my Dell Inspiron 15z laptop. No problems encountered down loading it. So I thought everything was fine, until I did an internet speed test and discovered that I can only get around 89 mbps now, instead of the usual 333mbps using the ethernet connection. Fortunately, I could switch back to 8.1.

Having increased the system partition, that would probably work. W7 needs less than the space I created.

That said, watching what this update did it was unclear how much of the update required a new run out to the web to get more bits and pieces. It seemed that what got downloaded was not as complete as earlier releases, like where you (used to) get a backup copy on a CD. Though the license should be enabled now however they hand it out.

The PC is actually running faster now with Windows 10 than before, it seems to be taking advantage of a recently increased line speed better than 7 did. But the level of changes are shaky for the less robust laptop. Jury still out on whether that is a good candidate.

There is always Linux–but …
I switched from 8.1 to 10 when it first became available and it was quick, easy, seamless and free. For me, 10 is the best yet and Edge (the browser) is also the best yet. I will qualify all of this with a “so-far.”

For anyone who might be curious, or interested in Linux. I would say go for it. It would help to go to Linux and read up a bit and ask questions. Check your machine to see which iteration of Linux fits it. Pick the right version, grab a download from the mirror sites and you’re just about there. You’ll need a DVD, or Flash Drive, or you can order a DVD from Linux. You will also need to know how to get your computer to boot off of the DVD, or Flash drive.

I have a dual boot on one of my computers, but I also have a laptop that doesn’t want to boot from anything, but the hard drive. I have tried several times, done everything I can think of, but it just won’t recognize the DVD. Come to think of it, I also have Linux on a Flash drive. Someday when there’s nothing else to do, maybe I’ll give it another shot.

Anyway, Linux has given my old desktop a new life. So much so that if I ever get the time and urge I think I’ll wipe XP off and do a clean install. Right now, it’s working so well, I don’t want to mess with it. When you do a dual boot, Linux automatically puts itself first.

Linux is different, but it doesn’t take long to figure it out. Expect a glitch now and then and there are updates and fixes all the time, but it works and it’s free.

Upgraded two computers to Windows
10 and had no problems. I like Windows 10.

As to 10 itself…
So far I am neither happy nor unhappy. There are some trivial screen arrangement and layout things I have to spend time on the make my way, but that is to be expected.

It is similar to my current attitude about cars. I want it to work, doesn’t have to do anything more than that.

Windows 7
I agree, staying with 7 until the laptop dies. It’s already 6 years old and going strong. No sense in changing it now. A new one will replace it when the time comes.

Love my Mac
I switched back in 2010, and don’t have any regrets. I set it up so that it runs both Mac and Windows XP, so that I didn’t have to dump any PC software I still used, or buy the Mac version of the same thing.

I stopped using Windows this spring, and removed it from the computer. Wasn’t using any of my old stuff anymore.

Have been using windows 10
For at least 9 months now. My laptop came as Windows 8 and the upgrade was painless. Only issue I had was it booting up to tablet view, and having to change it to standard view. I don’t use Cortana at all. I have both IE explorer and Microsoft edge on my PC, I like the look and feel of IE explorer even though Edge is a more solid and has yet to crash, IE explorer does hang up on occasion.

My background and experience is PC based, I know these machines very well and have never had anyone work on any of my PC’s, going back to an 8088 processor. XP was a great operating system, still have it on my old laptop which still works fine. My new one is just some much lighter and more conducive to traveling. I’m retired.

Still relying on Chrome
Some occasional reloads and resets needed, but both of my orchestras use Google Drive for things like bowings to download and common membership information. Easier to stay native.

Speaking of traveling.
A laptop used to go along on trips, but not since my wife and I got our tablets. She has an iPad and I have a Samsung S1.

The right tablet will do everything and then some and they’re easier to take along. But then along comes the smart phone that except for the much smaller display does everything too and takes almost as good pictures and videos.

Windows 10

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I have it on both my desktop and laptop with no problems what so ever. Hands down clearly the best OS ever. BTW my system partion is 350gb with 76gb being used.

I have an older laptop with XP, still like it.