Completely Sealing ALL kayak components

I am just getting into this sport and have discovered a new love. I bought a brand new Sundolphin Bali 10SS(sit on top) for a starter. I paddle my local rivers and creeks with class 1&2 rapids nothing major. 75% flat water and 25% rapids. The boat takes on a lot of water if it’s a little rough; I found the front top drain plug installed at the factory improperly having a big gap allowing a leak. My question is if I seal every conceivable location for a leak will it hurt any thing. I don’t know if the kayak will need to breathe or if it’s better sealed off? I store it inside when it’s not in use and could leave the plugs loose should it need to breathe. Please advise, it seems to me it’d be better completely sealed

Plastic kayaks do not need to “breathe”. If it’s a double hull sit on top you would definitely not want water to get into the hollows within structural moldings, so seal any gaps you find.

Thanks Willowleaf, That’s exactly how I felt. I may have used the term “breathe” incorrectly. I was wanting it to mean keeping from building excessive pressure or even a vacuum inside it causing it to loose shape or cause some other problem I haven’t thought of.

no harm in sealing
…but if it does get water inside, I’d leave the plugs off during storage.

If you bought it new and it leaks, consider warrantying it and getting a new one.

Too much water can cause unstable
I don’t know how much water is being let in or this boat. But in general dry areas are supposed to remain relatively dry. Bone dry is often not necessary, some water sloshing around is mostly noisy, but too much can affect stability.

Good luck
I don’t know what all is involved with making your boat water tight, but by all means give it a try. My guess, though is that you will soon be looking at different boats, so I wouldn’t fret too much if the present boat leaks a little bit.

sealing all leaks
Guy’s all of you are correct. I don’t want to return it for warranty it’s an easy fix, probably easier than loading it up and returning it.I wanted to get an idea on how much to seal it and not over do it. I saw a video on you tube where a guy was doing the same exact thing to the exact same boat. This might be a common issue with the Sundolphin line. It’s a very simple process easily in my capacity to repair. I’ve already been shopping for another yak now that I have a better idea on what I want. This one will be a keeper to have as a loaner incase someone wants to go with me. So I want to make it right as possible.

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