Composite Aquanaut vs LV

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Pursuing a good deal on an Aquanaut as an all-around boat but have no opportunity/timing to try the cockpit out in an LV. (composite to composite-not RM)

At 5-7 and 165 pounds, is the regular Aquanaut cockpit going to be too roomy, even with proper outfitting-should I really find an LV to try before making a move? I do like a snug cockpit for control.

Yes, the pursued T165 deal did not work out.

If this is any help, I am 5’9" and 150#
and the composite Naut LV was the absolute perfect fit for me; I bought the roto only because of concrete ramps, submerged logs and rocks where I paddle (and the roto had sufficient stiffness). The composite LV is snugger than the roto.

CD1 is about 10 or 15 pounds heavier than me and his composite LV is an excellent fit for him too.

My Aquanaut

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My Aquanaut is a standard (c.2004). I am 6' and was around 170 when I got the boat (weigh about 15 lbs more now and plan on pulling the hip pads and replacing with thinner foam). With about 3/4 inch foam on each cheekplate and 1/2 inch under the flanges the boat fit fine - though I prefer the Romany keyhole ;- )

The LV might feel more responsive.

martin, as bruce said.

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I have never sat in a composite Aquanaut, but I do own an Avocet RM, a Nordkapp RM, and newest is an Aquanaut LV. I have paddled at least 10 otehr boats in my lifetime (many of which still grace my garage).

I am 5 feet 8.54 inches and 165 lbs.

The best fitting boat I have ever been in is th Aq LV. It still has the absolutely atrocious Valley plastic seat pan and poor quality, ill-fitting backband, though, so you;ll have to change that out. But as far as fit--- sublime, my friend.

Aquanaut LV vs Tempest 165 pro
I go 5’ 9" and weigh in at 155. I previously owned a Tempest 165 pro, which fit me extremely well.

I currently own a Aquanaut LV with a custom fitted forward bulkhead. The standard 'naut is a bit big on me, where the LV fits much like the Tempest 165.

I will second CD’s comments on the Valley’s current stock backband and seat pan. I’m not wild about them, but they do work. I may replace them in the future, but I am not in a hurry to do so (time, energy, $$$).

I found that the Valley backband works best if you tighten the Velcro adjustment strap to the max. This keeps my coccyx from running up against the back of the seatpan. When I first used the boat I was getting an irritated rub over my tail bone. Really tightening the backband appears to have eliminated this problem.

The standard Aquanaut works for me…
… and I’m 5’8", 165. I added half-inch hip pads.

My wife, who is also 5’8" and will probably not want me to reveal her weight, but it’s pretty normal, fits fine with the hip pads removed (they are velcroed in).

tvcrider, Dap weldwood 1 inch mincell
…directly to the stock Valley backband. It helps immensely. :slight_smile:

a larger frame: 6-0, 205# am I. Cockpit fits OK, tho’ sometimes I’d like it to be a tad more snug -and others. a tad looser. Guess it’s about right for me. Tried a friends roto WS Tempest 170, and it was a very nice fit.

Not sure at your size that it would fit right out of the box/off the rack -probably need a little outfitting with hip pads, maybe adjusting thigh bracing, for a better fit for a smaller you.

Most important thing, tho’, is, do you like the way a given boat paddles? Most cockpits you can outfit to fit pretty well, but the boat under your butt remains the same. If the answer is that you like them both as paddlers, go with the deal and the fit. Otherwise, stick with the best boat for YOU to


-Frank in Miami


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I test paddled the Aquanaut LV and liked the cockpit fit and many aspects of how the boat paddled and behaved. However, in keeping my OI, there is a bit of redundancy in what conditions and waters this boat would be used for. While it certainly turns easier than the OI, I felt I needed to edge it generously to turn it. Once I got in the Romany and Avocet next, I thought- wow what fun! No comparison with the Aq LV of course as different boats with different personalities, designs, and uses.

I played for 4 hours wirh a Romany and Avocet composite. Both were so much fun! I felt subtle differences between the boats but could not conclude on which I liked better, which was faster, which rolled easier, etc. Both would be a logical compliment to my OI. To make my choice, I went with the boat side by side that seemed to have a much nicer looking fiberglass lay-up, more practical hatch covers, and better seat. I drove home with a new Avocet fiberglass. If the future results in parting with my OI, the Aquanaut LV would be my choice replacement.

Congrats on the new Avocet Martin

Avocet and Aquanaut LV

After discussing the Aquanaut LV versus whatever, I find it interesting you ended up with the Avocet.

I happen to have both. I really like the Aquanaut LV, but the Avocet is such a fun boat to paddle that I have been spending most of my recent time in it. :wink:

Avocet RM here, too.
Love the boat for play, roll, edging. Lousy for keeping up with a group (slower), and I find the cockpit a tad small–but I think the composite is larger cockpit. Anaut best all around, but Avocet and OI is hard combo to beat.

all the best to you, my friend, with yur new steeds.

“such a fun boat”
…and isn’t that what it is mostly about?

I love my Aquanaut. It is a confidence inspiring boat with impeccable manners, good speed and carrying capacity which is a great rescue platform.

However, it is just not as much fun as my Nordkapp LV or Romany. So, mostly I paddle the Romany or Nordlow these days…