Composite Valley Seat

-- Last Updated: Mar-29-16 4:13 PM EST --

After cracking two plastic Valley seats, a friend built me a sturdy composite version. I'm so pleased with it that I thought I would post some images of the result. The weight gain is unnoticeable while it gives a much more reassuring feeling when stretching back to exit the kayak or in the surf zone. If anyone is interested in one, let me know:

Very nice! (nm)

Looks well done
What price is your friend thinking of? Your profile says you’re in Spain(?). I imagine single item international shipping to the US could be pricey. It would be nice if he could get a dealer network going. I would think there would be interest in a more beefy replacement to the Valley seats.

Valley seat
I replaced the seat in my Anas Acuta years ago. The stock seat was painful, and made my legs go numb.

I replaced it with,229.html

All I had to do was glue it in after removing the stock seat. Much more comfortable.

The one you show looks good, too.

composite seats
NC Kayaks of Tacoma Wa. builds composite kayak seats and I think they have four different sizes.

seating is personal
My composite seat has been comfortable for me. I take that as sheer luck. But it’s never shown signs of weakness, I practice rolls and rescues often and occasionally stand up in and jump from the seat.

Thanks for the feedback!

Price would be around 125 USD + delivery.

As you mention, delivery costs from Europe would have to be dealt with first. We’ll gather more info on that.