concave bottom

I have a new old town 158 guide from Dicks I noticed a concave area in the bottom when I got it home,I believe it is from being stored on point end on there wall, is there a way to fix this? I have heard sun heat will but have not see this as of yet

If I purchased a product
and it was defective, I’d return it for a replacement or refund.

Yes, take it back
Unfortunately, triple-layer, rotomolded polyethylene canoes like this one are particularly prone to thermal deformation over time.

Storing them supported towards the ends exposed to UV will greatly increase the odds of this happening, but it can occur even with properly stored boats.

In my experience, once these hulls become hogged there is not easy way to correct it.

Yep, take it back. I had one that never
came back out although I had another one that did.

i got that same canoe from Appomatox. Perfectly rounded shape. I’d take it back.