Condition of Hell's Bay Canoe Trail?

Does anyone know this trails condition in the Everglades? I saw the update on campsite status but with Lard Can out, I assume the trail is messed up too.

Planning on going there week after New Years.

Thanks for any help.

I’m going too and I don’t think you can assume just cause Lard Can is closed presumably because of damage that the trail itself is impassable. Hells Bay Chickees are open. That said Pearl at is only partly useable and the competition for Hells Bay may be intense. The good news is that other Whitewater Bay chickees are open
I’m planning on leaving from Everglades City and so far campsites there are severely restricted
Let’s hope for some updates in the next six weeks

Update on Everglades City Ranger Station:
Despite the buildings being closed, the kayak/canoe launch is OPEN. You may park on-site as before. Rangers are there for security. There is no way to file a float plan with them, so make sure that others have your info. The usual rules for campsites apply, but it is on a first come, first served basis. Check their website for details.
NOTE: The drinking water spigot is out of order, so bring your water If you plan to launch there.

That drinking water unavailability is news to me. Thank you
I wish the FB page of ENP would post that