Conduit 12 is it worth it?

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I just purchased a Conduit 12 from grander mtn (not who I would usually turn to). I got the boat for 375 plus tax tag and title (400). Wanted a boat I could fish from, play a little in and take several day expeditions in, all at an affordable price. I would have preferred an used boat. More bang for my buck. Have scoured craigs list for alternatives for about 2-3 weeks now and everybody is in love with their old beat up kayaks and charge for every memory they have in them (very understandable)! The boat had a tear in the seat and a very minor gouge(not anywhere close to through the hull) in the hull a little above water line. Thats how I got them to $375. Both could be fixed without much effort or money.

Other choice was a sound 10 (set for fishing) for about 10 more. Liked the rear storage area but no bulk head and shape of hull just looks like it will be slower.

Some feed back would be helpful.

And while I have decent canoe exp. and some rental kayak exp. kayaking is something that just feels so right.

I am planning to take a trip down the ocmulgee or the flint (probably the flint first) for 3-4 days.

I know conduit 12 is not a common model. I really preferred the rhythm 11, but the price and wait. Extra 100 for that model.

Or if anyone has a good used kayak for sale in Georgia area. (i'm a little south of atlanta)I can always take this back.

Feed Back !
We have fifteen canoes and kayaks.

I have some used and some new.

After I buy a boat, I never look to see if I got a good deal or not.

If it was what I wanted I got it, and I have always been happy with my decision

If you are happy with the boat, forget about asking if you got a good deal.

Paddle it and enjoy it !

Jack L

There will always be
a bigger, badder kayak that’s a better deal somewhere. The problem is at some point, you need to stop looking and just buy.

In all honesty, the best deal is the kayak you will use regularly. There are plenty of garage queens out there that were a good deal but don’t ever see water. As long as you have fun.

Thanks for the feed back
I agree with what both of you are saying. I was just looking to learn something from those who had already been down this road. My budget is thin (like I probably shouldn’t be buying a boat at all thin) and I wanted to get the most out of what I can afford. I know I could have waited and gotten a better boat but the more time I spent researching the more I wanted to hit the river. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough about what i was asking, but no worries, I have a boat now and she has been christened. I can tell it wont be long before I will want something nicer/high skill level. Maybe by next season I will have the knowledge to pick a boat that suits my taste and the time to find it. Thanks again.

You left out one important detail…
What color is it? :wink:

When I bought my first boat I was in a similar situation. I wanted a boat, wasn’t willing to wait for something used, and didn’t know enough to know what I wanted anyway. I bought a new boat, and it turned out great. I’ve bought a few other used boats since then, but that original boat is still my go-to boat.

So I agree with the others - get out and paddle. Looks like you got a good deal on a nice boat. At some point you may want a change - that’s fine. Or you may end up like me and love that original purchase.

Good luck.

safety tip
Your Conduit 12 does not have a bow bulkhead so it would be wise to get an inflatable flotation bag to stuff into it so if you swamp it the boat will take on less water. Since the bow is fairly low volume compared to most recreational style kayaks, it won’t be as big of a problem as with those, but it would still be a good idea to minimize the space that water could occupy. You can get a float bag that would fit for around $20 to $30.

A cheaper option to displace some water and provide some flotation is to cut up some hard foam pool noodles (NOT pipe insulation) and tie or duct-tape them together to fill the space past your feet. Be sure to tie or otherwise secure either the bag or foam inside the space so it doesn’t float out.

What kind of feedback?
You got a decent rec. kayak near wholesale price. Have fun.

Thanks again
Thanks for the feed back. I have had the boat out 3 times now (and would be out yesterday and today except for the rain/thunder storms). Good boat. Definitely worth the money.

Has a bit of a tracking issue even when giving attention to my paddle strokes. I can get it to hold a line for about 10 seconds of gliding when i get a good line going, but then have to restroke or drag the paddle to keep from a slow turning. That’s on a very slow moving portion of the flint with very little to no wind. I didn’t pick up kayaking because I wanted to just sit in the boat and glide, but i wonder if that will become an issue on multi-day trips. I am going to make a skeg to go on it.

The seat is also not comfortable when paddling for 6 hours. I already have the foam to make a pad which solve the problem.

Other than that I really like the boat. Sturdy, stable and glides real easy. Doesn’t take much effort at all to get up to speed. I got it to 7mph without having to tear up the water.

Again, Thanks for the feed back. I’ll check this post a couple more times in case someone responds to this last bit but I think I have what I need for now.

Thanks again.