Confluence - Tru Trak Skegs???

Just noticed:

“Available with TruTrak Skeg System on 9/30/10”

Any ideas what this is? Just a new name or the skeg has been redesigned?

Any details will be appreciated

A call to Confluence revealed that …
… this is indeed a new skeg. As far as the customer rep shared, the skeg blade is larger and no other changes. Probably will be available in October.

Since it is a larger blade, probably can’t retrofit due to necessary changes to the mould.

Brings the question - how much better is this compared to the previous (rattling) design?

Thanks, if anyone knows…

The rattling is easily fixed with the Velcro trick.

I wonder if they’ve put tapered edges on the blade… and if that would make much difference to drag… and if anyone’s done it to their existing skeg.

some more info:
I haven’t seen it yet, but it is indeed supposed to be a hydrofoil shape skeg blade.

major improvement
Most the improvement is not in the blade, but in the cable, through fittings, and slide. Their old system would bind easily if not properly tuned. This one is much more serviceable by an average paddler.


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will it be non-kink or "less kinky" so to speak?

I'm about to buy a new Tempest this week due to a pretty good price locally and I see this new skeg coming out... The store probably won't get the new models in some months and it's likely by then the sale price that attracted me now will be gone... Not sure the new cable will be worth the $400+ difference I'd have to pay compared to the end of season deal right now... Though it's tempting -;)

Hydrofoil shape I can make myself and replace the stock one but a non-kink cable would be nice. The size of the old skeg seemed adequate to me and I had no compaints with the old style sliding mechanism and cable - it would slide easy and stay trimmed where I want it, at least for the year or so I owned a plastic Temepest... decisions, decisions -;)

buy the boat
It’s not a non-kink system. The way Wilderness Systems built their old skegs was frustrating to work on, but not impossible. The new system is much cleaner and mechanically simpler internally. Probably the reason for closeouts of old models, because the new one is coming. I’d buy the boat and have fun paddling it. After-all, lots of other people love them with the current skeg system.

the new system is simpler to install, maintain and repair AND provides a bit more ‘bite’ in full deployment ,mode. It is a more hydro dynamic blade, a bit thinner and sleeker thru the water. rattle factor is still there but we did narrow up the box a touch to eliminate some of the rattle. personally I like the vibration it gives off. It’s been proven to keep away sharks. :wink: (no sharks have attacked me!)

The biggest change was eliminating much of the hardware at both the skeg slider and the skeg box. This makes assembly easier and repair more straightforward. The old system is quite complicated BUT is totally workable. I did a video on “how to” that will get most folks thru the process.

For the $400 and longer wait, I’d say go for the model you can get today! The new system is nice but not a huge deal.



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Thanks for the info!After paddling the Zephyr 160 I think I owe it to myself to try the 15.5 too before I make a decision. Not in a hurry to buy anyway, plus it would be nice if someone bought two of my current kayaks first -;)

Slider position change?

same position


is the same

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skeg going into the Alchemy? heard from a little bird it was being redesigned also (the skeg setup)

skeg- yes
re-design- no.