Confused about storage

Yesterday I bought my second kayak. My first is an Old Town Loon I have been paddling for 9 years. I have always hung the boat in my garage, from the rafters, for winter storage. I have had two outfitters tell me to store my boat on end. I could do that with my old boat. My new boat is an Old Town Cayuga 160. I do not have room to store it standing. Is my 8 winter method of storing my boat hanging going to be OK for my new rig?

Thanks, See ya on the water (tomarrow hopefully!)

Always hung our plastic boats
Not Old Town, so there may be some diff in the plastic, but we always hung our plastic boats. Maybe just hang them deck tilted at least partly down, gets the majority of weight on the stronger part of the boat.

If you have the space
The best way to store a boat is to stand it on end but most people do not have the space to do it. Don’t worry, hanging boats inside out of the sun will be just fine.

Cradle the hull at the bulkeads
with straps if possible. Hanging any poly boat from any manufacturer by the toggles can increase it’s rocker. Gravity is relentless. If you cradle the hull and hang from those straps all should be fine.

in the basement
from the beams, first I hook it up for and aft, haul it up to the ceiling then use two straps hanging from the ceiling to support the center body of the kayak. I’ve 5 plastic kayaks suspended like that so far. Lengths 14.5 ft, 14 ft, 13.5 ft and two 9 ft. The last kayak a Q600 will get a very special boat cradle that I’ll be working on over the summer