Congaree River SC mystery access

I live in Columbia and paddle the local rivers frequently but it always bothered me that the Congaree river has NO public boat access for 47 miles. It precludes decent length daytrips on the entire river. I am always checking Google maps like many do just checking river features and BINGO,…I found what is certainly a boat ramp that even shows two trucks with boat trailers off Old Swamp road about 18 miles south of the Cayce landing. It appears to be just about 500ft of dirt road off the paved Old Swamp Road. I know SOME might have their reasons for keeping river access information private but I pretty sure this discussion group doesn’t include vagrants, drug pushers, nudist colony presidents or other such colorful characters so I feel pretty comfortable “advertising” here! Anyway,…I will be making a roadtrip down there this weekend to confirm its access for public use before I declare this a possible new alternative to paddle trip length. Hope I can report positive news.

Thanks, we have family in Columbia,
and I’ve noticed that access issue when map scouting.

Thanks for the heads up
I am planning on doing some paddling on the Congree this year as I live about an hour west of Columbia.

OK I am gonna find out!
Yeah it has LONG been problematic that there has been NO KNOWN or advertised access for 47 MILES of this really wonderful river that can be paddled year around at virtually ANY flow. I will give an update when I make my little road trip`

As I recall there’s a put-in
right beside the bridge where Rt. 601 crosses the river just downstream from the confluence of Cedar Creek.

BUMMER report
First of all yeah the 601 bridge access is the first public legal access after the Cayce (Newman landing) access which is 47 miles apart. I made my drive down to the “mystery” boat ramp at the Old Swamp road curve right next to a large manufacturing plant called DEVRO. Well anyway it had a iron swing gate with three locks on it. There were no KEEP OUT or No Tresspassing signs around so I walked past the gate to the boat ramp which is about 1000 ft. The ramp looks well used and developed enough to even have a lamp post light. Nobody around but lots of evidence of usage. This landing is PERFECT for a 18 mile daytrip from Cayce or a 29 mile trip too 601 bridge but ownership of the land is apparently private! DANG

sorry about bummer
Having looked at the satellite view of that river just because of this thread I noticed about 2-3 other places that looked like there was a road that was not marked on map view (because probably not paved) that could be accesses if there isn’t gates or trespassing signs (since I’m a couple of states away I can’t put boots on the ground to check)