Congrats to Grayhawk

On his first place finish in his class and fourth over all in yesterdays race in the South Sound of Key Largo

Jack L

I guess it IS spring here… :wink:

And a special thanks to Jack and Nanci for organizing and running the race.
The most fun in Key Largo since the Bogey and Bacall days.

@grayhawk said:
I guess it IS spring here… :wink:

I was in MS last week. The flowering trees were blooming, with temps in the 60’s and 70’s. So, yeah.

Congrats on your race.


That gray hawk sounds like a flying fish! Congrats!

Yay for grayhawk! Paddle your new boat?

Yep, We had 20some year olds on SUPs to a 90 YO in an inflatable with SOTs and rec boats in between so you know we had fun, No sea kayaks showed up.

Congratulations! Nice thought with fresh snow on the ground here.