Congratulations on cool Photo Of The Week, eckilson!

Thanks spiritboat - this is my forth Photo of the Week, so I went through and found the others. The first was daggermat “Side-surfing on the Crystal section of the Farmington River (CT)” (page 52)

The second was “Riverstrider running the small drop below the Barberville Dam on the Wood River in Rhode Island.” (page 50)

And the last was “Long-time P-net member Wickerbutt running Whipple Drop on the Branch River in Rhode Island.” (page 36)

No dates on them, but they go back a while. I went through 50 pages to find them, and there are some beautiful paddling pictures in there. (Too bad these guys really don’t post here anymore.)

Yep. paddled with two out of the three, and have corresponded about tripping with the third…But hey, I only stop by here intermittently myself these days–Being three-quarters kayak and barely one-quarter canoe, I’m still trying to get a handle on photographing myself(and others)in “open” boats


I noticed EE’s pic of the week and also wanted to post “attaboy.” He is one of the few that still post TR’s. Good stuff, Mr. Ekilson. Keep it coming.


nice! Congratulations!