Connecticut Canoe Woodwork

-- Last Updated: Oct-10-14 11:12 AM EST --

wondering if anyone knows any good canoe woodworkers in CT.
What I have to do:
Replace wooden keel. Some brass work.
Replace inwale and outwale

I'm a decent carpenter, but not woodworker.
The yolk I'll probably buy online.

Need someone who has woodworking equipment and experience in making these pieces.


You might have better luck
asking on the WCHA site for advice and/or referrals.

Maybe regular, “wccanoe” will pipe in. I think he’s near Framingham, MA and does this kind of restoration work.

Schuyler Thomson in Norfolk, CT . . .
. . . has been restoring wooden canoes and repairing the woodwork on all canoes for more than 30 years. For me, he’s replaced gunwales and thwarts, carved a custom seat, and done hull painting and fiberglassing. I recommend him highly.

Salmon Falls Canoe Works
in Shelburne, Ma could do what you need. Ph 413-625-8555.