Connecticut flat water paddling

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I'm looking for pleasant paddling and biking in the Last Green Valley---from Norwich to Woodstock, east of Coventry.

I'd love to find a place with: nice campground for basecamp; good flat bike rides up to about 30 miles; and several picturesque ponds that would take two to four hours to explore. I prefer ponds with coves and islands, not too small. Not that fond of rivers, unless attractive and no current. Nice towns to visit in the area would be great as well.

I've never been to this area. Any locals able to recommend a nice 3-day vacation, with a bit of biking and kayaking each day?



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I haven't been to the area you asked about, but I have used the Quiet Water Guide to MA/CT/RI and think it is worth picking up a copy:

Paddle places

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Two that I can think of and I have been to both are Mansfield Hollow and Mashapaug Lake. Both are good size by CT standards and offer good paddling. There are a variety of campgrounds in the area of which I am not to familiar with and several State Parks that offer camping.

Hopeville Pond

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State Park is where you could set up camp. There is paddling right there and also at several small ponds in the area. Green Fall Pond and Glasgo Pond come to mind.

You'll need to check with the State, though, as camping may be closed for the season.

You'll find Hopeville Pond a little more than a mile off I-395, exit 86.