Connecticut River Camping - Orford to the Wilder Dam

With work and family, it’s tough for me to get away to do long camping trips. Instead, I have been doing more 3-day, long-weekend trips. One of the perfect rivers for those types of trips is the Connecticut River – especially the sections that form the border between New Hampshire and Vermont. It’s not too far away (at least for me in RI), the river is pretty (but not exactly wilderness), and there are lots of well-maintained campsites.


On this trip we would be doing the 20-mile section from Orford, NH to the Wilder Dam in Hanover, NH. We put-in Friday morning and took-out Sunday afternoon. It was often cloudy which muted the beautiful foliage, but it didn’t rain and there was no wind which can be a real problem on some of the bigger sections of the Connecticut River. We didn’t have a frost, but the nights were in the 30’s – a little chilly.

Always a good time. Video here (great paddling song by Jerry Vandiver):

You can read the complete trip report here:

Pictures here:

There is great information on camping on the Connecticut River at the Connecticut River Paddlers Trail site:


Another wonderful video and trip report. Yours always make me smile because everyone looks so happy and the scenery is so beautiful. Thanks!

Fun times on the river. :grinning:

My wife and I enjoy canoeing the Connecticut River when we can. We hope to get back over there next summer for a trip.