Connecticut River current

Is it my imagination or is the Connecticut River flowing much stronger than usual for mid summer? I intended to paddle it from Newbury the other day but was too lazy to paddle upstream. The rivers in the Northeast look much more like spring right now, no?

Yes. Put this link with yer favorites.

Learn how to find your way to individual gauges, and you can compare recent flow with past averages.

Atlantic rivers have been high, even in flood, this year. But remember that the colors of the little dots are relative to past average flow for the same sites. A black or blue dot in summer may not mean flood like it would in the wet season. It just means quite a bit high compared to the past average.

Hartford CT.
had to postpone Riverfest…due to flooding. Yeah, rivers high as all get out this year. Been a good year for paddling, and a good year to be green.