connecticut river or hudson river?

Hello everyone! I’m lucky enough to work for an outdoor company who will give me some time this summer to do some kayaking! I’ve narrowed it down to either the Connecticut river or the Hudson river… so I bought some guide books, looked over maps and tried to do some online research but i still cant make a decision. so i hope someone might be able to ease my troubled mind. The CT river was my first choice, knew a friend who did it in 2 weeks in a canoe without a hitch, but there are a decent amount of dams and obstacles in the way, which given my heavier kayak (Necky Chatham 17) might slow me down. Vs the hudson river which doesnt have nearly as many obstacles, but is a little more developed and would have to deal with some slower water. any advice?


mike Demchak!

Hudson is hardly slow
its tidal all the way to Albany. You will have to factor in the tides and if you are near NYC the currents are formidable.

The upper Hudson above Albany is a good whitewater run.

Did you intend to do the whole river in a single boat?

The Connecticut is quite scenic all the way from the source to the sea. Take a cart.

The Hudson has barges. The CT has some in the lower reaches but relatively few.

from what little I’ve seen
I wouldn’t let the barges be a deterrent on the Hudson. Just stay out of their way. Wake is negligible. I find the lower Ct.(Essex and down) to be a madhouse on weekends. I’ll be paddling bits of the Ct. (using my sailboat as a mothership) from Hartford to Essex this summer. I like the geography around the Hudson, but the water is nasty. Still planning on a return there soon as Andy heals up.