Connecticut River Put-ins

I need help locating a canoe put-in on the Connecticut in CT between Hartford and Middletown.

Also curious about any experiences camping at Hurd or Seldon Neck, or paddling down to the Sound.

been out of the state
for six years but there is one in Rocky Hill (pretty nice too).

In 1999 the State put out a coastal access map with all the boat launches even for non coastal areas. I dont know if its still floating around.

There is camping at Selden Island but you have to make reservations with the state. I dont have the contact info.

Its on the sign at the north end of the island…sigh

Here are couple of links that might help

CT River
I’ve paddled the river from below the Enfield rapids to the sound. The best part of the trip is from Middletown on down.

I haven’t camped at Hurd, but I have camped at Selden Neck a few times. In season, it’s a good idea to get a permit to camp, as it’s likely someone else will have if you commando camp & they’ll toss you out of their site (Unless you go mid-week, then it’s almost worth trying without a permit. I’d get one anyway). Selden is a nice place to camp & only a good day paddle from the sound — about 15 river miles give or take a mile or two.


Connyak site

You feet stay dry at the Middletown put-in.

How is the current south of Middletown can you easily paddle up river?