Considering 15 foot Chestnut - thoughts?

Hi all,

I chanced upon an original 15 foot Chestnut (Bob’s Special) built in early 70’s. Owners are thinking of selling as they haven’t used it in a few years and it’s just hanging in the garage. The canoe looks like it’s been very well cared for, and shows no visible damage (to my eye, anyway). I didn’t see signs of canvas cracking which I hear is common on canoes that have not seen water in several years. All the cedar planks look solid. It’s a bit dusty but the varnish looks good everywhere, no sign of rot.

My use would be to canoe on tranquil river and lakes near my country property. Probably a fair bit of solo canoeing. Some photography, maybe a bit of fishing from the canoe. I’m 6ft 220lbs.

Asking price is firm $1000. I’m seriously considering it.

I should point out that I also own a 16 foot fiberglass canoe that I haven’t used in years (it was improperly stored by someone I had lent it to and now needs an external gunwale replacement). I was going to fix it and use it but this lovely looking Chestnut has captured my fancy…

Any thoughts/advice would be most welcome.

Iffin’ yer don’t git it…

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Ah' will..... (Funnin' yer, Pilgrim)

$1000 fer one in excellent shape, ah'd jump on it.
Bob's Specials be kind'a wide fer soloin' but heel de canoo over an' paddle Canadian, eh!
Even though in de '70s Chestnut did have some build quality issues. But wat da hey!


I’d Get It…
…even tho I have no real idea of it’s worth in dollar terms.

If you have a good spot to store it, there is no canoe as pleasing to own and paddle as a cedar/canvas. It’s a bit like owning an antique sports car, like my friend’s '79 Spitfire - you love driving it, working on it and taking care of it, just because it is what it is.

The canvas should not crack

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but the paint might. Sometimes it does not.

I would certainly go for it.

Up north where trips are considerably longer the water bigger and more gear has to be taken for safety a Bobs Special is a favored solo boat.

Thanks, I’ll get it!
Based on input I’ve received, I’ve decided to buy the canoe. I called the owner and said I’d come over next weekend, have a good look at it, and buy it (unless I see something seriously wrong with it). That gives me some time to get a suitable car carrier, and figure out an appropriate way of storing it in my garage this winter.

Thanks again for the words of encouragement!


and if you dont
post that too so that someone else can have a stab at it.

Wood canvas canoes are eternal. They can always be fixed permanently. Other stuff just gets repaired.

And this might lead into you getting into the WCHA (Wooden Canoe Heritage Association)…

Would love to hear…
Would love to hear the rest of the story…

Found my 1965 Chestnut Pal hanging in a log cabin at an old lodge. The guy who sold it to me was the grandson of the canoe’s original owner. He wouldn’t turn loose of the 2 Chestnut paddles.

It’s a beauty & a treat to paddle.


Story to come…
I’ll share the story of my find once the deal is complete (hopefully this coming weekend).

Neat story you have about finding a Pal hanging in a cabin!