Considering a 1983 Curtis solo bluegill

HI everyone, I am new to Canoeing and to this website…

I am considering buying a 1983 Curtis solo canoe Bluegill model Kevlar model, I am 220 lbs male that plans to start canoeing in the Sarasota ,Florida area on lakes and calm waters…

Is this a good choice for a solo starter canoe, i do not want a larger and heavier canoe?

I will appreciate your comments, I just want to learn more about this model? sorry for my inexperience…

Well, I would buy it sight unseen,
and it would be a good solo most days, most waters in your area. But I’m a comparison shopper, so I’d also look at alternatives.

Curtis solo Bluegill canoe
How much $ would you pay for it, if good condition?

History of the Curtis line
including Bluegill

I paid $900 for a 22 year old Nomad; the model has stood the test of time and is still produced. I’d pay way less than that for a bubble sided canoe that is ten years older.

Do it
You are the guy the BlueGill was designed for. Great starter boat!

I might go six, even seven hundred if
it is in good condition. I could use a boat like that right now, though if I were ordering new, I might choose something that turned easier. Of course, a new boat of excellent design would cost me much more.

I hate to lowball someone, and I’ll walk away rather than offer something I suspect is way too low from the seller’s point of view. On the other hand, I’ve been known to offer a little more than what is asked, if I feel the seller is selling himself short.

Sold my repaired Tripper for $350 to fishermen. That was stupid on my part.