Considering a Delta 17 - opinions?

I’m considering a Delta 17 as it seems to be a nice blend of the design/features I want. I would prefer a composite boat, and was considering the Seaward Guide 17, but the new price +shipping/tax is almost 3x what I would pay for the used Delta I am considering.

I’ve heard they are quite durable as long as it isn’t below freezing, and that they are a bit less stiff than good composite boats. I understand the new hatch system is quite good, and have heard the seats are reasonably comfortable for the long haul.

Just looking for opinions of anyone who has had experience with this boat. For background, I am about 200lbs and have paddled a bit in each of a Northwest Cadence, P&H Cappella 166rm, and a Seaward Chilco. I would use it mostly for camping trips and occasional day trips.


Buy a used glass boat is my opinion.

Bought the following Current Designs kayaks

Libra XT 22’ $ 900
Solstice GT two years old with accessories 1800 value new 4300. Guy used it literally 4 times.

Extreme HV $900 in picture above.

Extreme reg volume $400

Expedition $900

Total 4900

New over 22 grand.

I paid 900 bucks few scratches on the bottom Extreme HV in picture. All of them are in condition of pictured boat.

Couple needed new deck lines and bungee cords. Compound & wax. New is nice but I’d never have them all.

Libra XT

Price / year of boat you’re considering? Condition? I paddled with one calm waters one day it was nice and performed well. It was yellow I liked the look of it.

I have a Eddyline Journey here it’s held up good with light use and care wife’s kayak Seat is horrible :sob:. Not a fan of thermoform. Rigging is cheap. Can’t remember the delta in that regard. Libra XT in picture was 900 dollars.

Friend’s Eddyline Raven was not very durable. They gave him a replacement. Combining would seperate. Moderate use should be fine.

I too have found great deals on used boats. Here, though, far from an ocean, sea kayaks are few and far between and I have been looking all summer. I’m looking at a one-year rental for about $1500 CND.

There are some 'glass boats for sale used, but they aren’t quite the size/shape I am after, and I think a very high quality shoe that is a size too small isn’t a good value.

Update - I bought the Delta 17. Overall I am pleased, though I was a bit surprised by how big it feels on the water - lots of volume and it floats high when lightly loaded. I found it to handle predictably, decent speed and tracking, the hatches fit and work well (slight seepage during rolling/rescue practice), and the outfitting is comfortable. The only concern so far is that it has been covered with some sort of wax/formula 303 type product that makes the cockpit coaming a bit slippery so my skirt has popped off while rolling. I notice that it is less stiff than 'glass boats, but I think it will do all I ask of it for a long time to come.