Considering a new kayak

-- Last Updated: Aug-12-15 5:02 PM EST --

I am considering purchasing a new kayak in the not to distant future. The main reason is my current kayak is getting to big for me. I currently paddle a WS Zephyr 160. I like it. But, I have lost a lot of weight and I am beginning to feel the desire for something a little more nimble. I like and want a 15-16 foot boat that is designed to perform in rough water. I like a boat with a lot of rocker. I may even just move to the same boat in the 15.5 size but I want to consider other options.

This will be a boat for next season. I am now 5'10 185 Lbs. I am atheletic husky build - thighs and butt on the big side. I am 63 years old. I have a lot of open boat canoeing experience of all different types, mostly longish trips in Canada and Maine. I use my Kayak for day paddling between canoe trips. I will paddle local lakes and rivers in New England and the coast of Maine. I am not yet particularly skilled as a Kayaker but I am improving every year. I use a greenland paddle. This will be a boat for day paddling.

Any suggestions? Plastic may be fine but I want to consider composite if it would make a big difference. My current boat is pretty heavy and it is getting harder for me to get it up on top of the car as the years go on.

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