Considering a second boat

I’ve been paddling for about 3 years now. Consider myself to be a member of the vast unwashed “intermediate” category (have a BCU 3 star for whatever that counts for). I’m 6’ even and about 185lbs.

I own a Force 4, which has been great, but find myself hankering for something more playful. Sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to do much in the way of multi-day paddling, which seems almost a waste of a great expedition boat like the Force, but definitely appreciate it’s efficiency and easy nature.

I’ve tried a few smaller boats – Romany, Avocet, Annas Acuta. Of those, I like the AA the best, and was thinking I might pick one up in the near future.

However, to throw another wrench into the works, I recently had the chance to demo a Nordkapp LV and really liked it. It’s a bit of a tight fit (I have size 12 feet, so would need to be judicious in my footwear choices to fit comfortably), but loved it’s liveliness. However, I can’t see quite where that boat fits on the spectrum of trip boat/play boat. Ideally, I’d have all the boats in the world that I like to paddle, but at this point in my life, I can’t see that having more than 2 boats is realistic.

One option would be to sell my Force and pick up a Nordkapp LV, but I worry that I might miss having a somewhat more forgiving boat in my stable.

Thoughts, comments, rants, etc are all appreciated.

such a decision!
yep, only having a tight, twitchy (read- hi performance) boat as an ‘only’ ride wouldn’t make this cowboy happy.

Possibly the Force isn’t the best either, if you aren’t using it for tripping. It IS a straight shooter and not as playful as many boats out there.

decisions, decisions!

there’s alot of boats out there that could/should/would make a GREAT pair to own.

good luck


Nordkapp LV is a fun lively boat!

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I love my Nordlow. I own 4 sea kayaks but mostly paddle my Nordlow or Romany.

My boat most similar to your Force boat is an Aquanaut which is a great boat which I used for everything for a time. I now paddle it when I want a confidence inspiring boat with good glide.

I am not a confident enough paddler to have only the 'kapp LV. Last year for 4 weeks on the coast of Maine I brought my Romany and Nordlow. Both were great to have AND after a challenging day on windy rough seas in the Nordlow I was glad to spend a day in the Romany. I'm bringing both again this year.

For people our size (I'm 6',185 lbs, size 11 feet) the Nordkapp LV is a spritely day/play boat with enough room for camping gear. (BTW My feet fit with NRS Kickers, but not MEC Mukluks)