Considering Kestrol 140 SOT

I am considering purchasing the new Current Designs Kestrol 140 SOT kayak. Can anyone offer any comments as to the durability of the Kevlar/Fiberglass “Hybrid” material? Can it handle moderate abuse? Also, how does this particular kayak track in windy conditions (ie: 10-15 knots)? Anxiously awaiting replies…Kathy

I paddled alongside one yesterday…
in near 15kts. It was fine tracking upwind and very dry and smooth for a SOT. Downwind it needed a little attention but not bad.

Treat it like a composite boat and not a plastic yak and it will be fine.

BTW this is my favorite SOT.

I Heard One Comment
Someone I know demoed one and did not like the footwells, but…

I was thinking about one myself, but went with a RTM Disco, instead. Its about the same dimensions, and has a similar V type hull, but its plastic, and about a third the price. It also weighs about 15# more.

I abuse the heck out of boats, so for me plastic is a good thing.