considering paddling 20 miles

in a 12’ SOT in this years regatta. I have done the 5 mile distance a few times, and maybe paddled 10 miles on my own without stoping. Is 20 miles too far for this type of Kayak?

How did you feel after 10 miles? If time isn’t an issue and you have all day, 20 miles isn’t that bad. Of course I personally don’t usually paddle much more than that in a 17 foot sea kayak so I’m not sure how enjoyable paddling 20 miles in a 12 foot kayak would be.

Sure, go for it.
No big deal,have fun

June San Diego Bay2Bay Race ?
If you need to finish in the required 5 hours it’s going to be 4 mph. Why don’t you go out one morning and see how far you can go paddling as hard as you can go for 5 hrs. If you are not comfortable out on the coast alone you can park at the Marina on the East shore of Mission bay and paddle out to the channel and back a few times, going around Vacation Island.

You can rent a different boat. 20 miles would be much more fun with a 16’ boat.

have fun
how hard could it be? I did 10 miles in nearly no time in my 9’6". I did 5 or 6 miles up stream and then back…easy as pie. That was just another one of my unplanned afternoons, I wasn’t preping for it at all, The best I did was take some GORP.

Go For It! Have fun and take pictures!


Train at 60%
You might try going for paddles of at least 1/2 of your goal. I do a 22mi race (2&1/2 hrs) every year in late April. Last year, I did 10 paddles over 1&1/2 hrs, with 3 over 1:55. The year before, I did 20 paddles over 1:20 or about half of my expected time. I was thinking of trying 5 or 6 over 2 hrs. for this year. This wasn’t all I did, just the longer stuff. Lots of long paddles will help a lot & may highlight any problems with stroke or a poor paddle fit. Good luck & have fun!!!

Bay to bay ???
You will even have some competition as I believe a few other folks do this in similar boats too. Cobra Explorers and like.

What’s GORP?

GORP = trail mix
GORP = Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts


GORP = Granola, Oats, Raisins, and Peanuts

but the term is used for any trail mix combination that you can think of.

some good advice
Im not to worried about time, just finishing the course, unless I see some explorers out there. thanks everyone

20 miles in 12 foot kayak
Sure, why not my wife did 68 miles in her Epic Rec GP 12’8" SOT kayak in last years Watertribe Ultra Marathon.


Can’t be GORP w/out chocolate
Without chocolate, it’s just trail mix.

From your friendly, neighborhood opinionated jerk.

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Not in texas in summer
I tried putting M&Ms in my gorp once, and even they melted. Can’t imagine what nestle morsels would do.

I love yoghurt chips in it in milder weather.

I’ve done about that in a 12’ SOT
going fishing in the Gulf. I went with a guy who does it all the time. Caught some nice kings and jacks. We paddled eventually 12 miles from the Galveston jetty, according to my GPS. I’ll tell you what, I wouldn’t want to do it in anything shorter. After being out there all day, I could barely walk when I got back to shore.