Considering selling my touring yak

What’s the best, quickest way to judge what it would be worth?



check classifieds
Look for similar kayaks online.

Generally I think fiberglass sea kayaks in brand new condition, used a few times can be sold for 2200-2500, in good to excellent condition 1500-2000, worn but serviceable, 1000-1500.

Plastic sea kayaks, I suppose 500-1000 depending on age and whether it’s a current model.

In my experience,people expect
to pay 50% retail for a used boat in good condition.

wholesale for a boat in perfect condition, 50% for used in decent condition with variations in price according to local demand.

50% of retail
Yes, 50% of retail is a good starting point. I just wish more “sellers” knew this. :slight_smile:

I put a kevlar QCC 600 on the P-net
ads a few years ago.

It was less than two years old and in perfect condition.

I figured I would put a low price and immediately sell it so I asked $1600, (firm) for it.

The first reply asked what would the lowest I would take for it be.

The second reply made a stupid lower offer, so I immediately pulled the ad, and gave the boat to one of my sons.

Go figure !

Jack L

Ask a Tibetan touring yak herder.

Same results here
When buying boats (I only buy used) it can be very difficult to find what I’m looking for and I’m convinced there are hundreds of other people out there scouring for the same thing.

But when it comes time to sell a nice boat I realize there are actually very few people out there in the market who actually have the money to spend. I’ve got some really nice boats at really nice prices for sale but very little interest in them.

That experience has made me a better and more patient boat buyer. Unfortunately it hasn’t done much to lower the number of boats in my shed.


I used the 50% of retail
When I put my Tsunami125 on the pnet classifieds and craig’s list. I figured I’d sell it to make room for the new P&H Capella. My wife talked me out of selling it, (shocked me) but I got three serious inquiries from PNET, one wanted to come and get it that day for 600 bucks. So now I am figuring out how to fit 3 kayaks and a canoe in my two car garage. Looks like my truck will be spending another new england winter on the driveway.

Plastics depreciate more
I seem to think that poly boats depreciate faster than composites. At least in canoes they do. I paid $1300 for a kevlar wenonah canoe that probably cost less than that 20 years ago when it was new.

Thanks everyone
$500 was about what I was thinking, I just didn’t really know. It has been kept under the house for over a year without use…the canoe is so much lighter,so it gets all the use. Hefting a 50+ lb kayak just isn’t fun anymore, in fact what I make on the sale, I’m hoping to put toward another even lighter canoe. I recently took up backpacking and now it’s all about weight…well that and getting old :slight_smile:

Similar experience for me.
I’ve overpaid for a few. Got good deals on a few.

You arenot getting older Leigh
Just smarter with the lighter boats.