Console for Aventura 125?

Has anyone found or made a console for a FeelFree Aventura 125? I’ve seen the one for the Pungo (pictured), so something similar to that.

Thanks & Happy Paddling!!

The cockpit looks tight on the Advetura, but I tried the Pungo console on a Liquid Logic with an open cockpit and it fit.

Ya, you’re right - it is kinda tight. I’m not very tall (5’ 7") and it’s not very easy getting my legs out and over the side to exit the kayak. I like it otherwise, and I will definitely keep it until I build my skills and confidence - it’s stable and I do like the skeg feature - it would just be nice to have a topside console like that one for the Pungo. Oh well, I’ll keep paddling along no matter what. :grin: :kayak:

What about a deck bag? Wouldn’t close up an already small cockpit but allows storage of whatever you might need within arms reach.

The good thing about the Pungo is that the boat is easy to enter and climb out, but the console closes that open space to deflect some of the large waves that wash over the deck. It also offer great protection from the sun. I installed a neoprene bulkhead for closed storage and floatation, but the one drawback is lack of thigh bracing to aid edging for straight tracking. The boat is easy to control, and the console makes great storage when fishing. I added a Scotty Rod Holder and two flush mounts in back. Unfortunately, fish avoid me, so ijust paddle.

I am not as tall as the OP, and a small dry bag is what I use for just that purpose in my 125.

As long as you don’t overload it, you should be fine.

Thanks Captain! I have realized that drybags will be my friend. :wink:

fish avoid me too - I’ve resolved myself to no console, a couple of small 2 liter drybags instead.

I want to put a cell phone mount on the kayak though so I can look at the satellite map as I paddle around the sloughs in the California Delta - 1100 miles of waterways to easily get lost in!!!

@TridentJim, I hope they don’t laugh at you. I feel like they’re laughing. The console mainly serves as a cady for holding hooks and other small items. Although it shield your legs from the sun and deflects waves, there’s no substitute for being locked into the boat with the sea kayak’s thigh pads. Then its a wasted opportunity to not cover distances. Oh well!

I tried the cell phone in a pelican on the front deck. It overheated in the sun and shut down. I worried about screen burn in and battery getting used up. Hope you have better luck with the phone that I did. Mine stays in the pelican case on the sest back strap. I recover the stats at the end of the trip and use the Garmin GPS on a deck mount for current time, speed, avg speed, max (not reliable unless I actually see the speed on real-time display), and trip distance.

@Jyak Thanks Jyak - I’m fine if folks are laughing at the question/idea. Doesn’t matter to me - everyone has different ideas about how they want to try and setup their kayak, so laugh away.

The main reason I want to be able to see the satellite map is so I can find my way home in the California Delta (1,100 miles of waterways) and when you’re down low on the water, it’s hard to look afar for landmarks.

Nonetheless, that is what I have to figure out. For now, I don’t go rambling around too much, and I study the route I am planning to take so I don’t get lost. It happens all the time out here with kayakers, and I don’t want to be one of ‘those’ kayakers. The Navy taught me a lot about planning, having alternate plans, studying your area of operations, and (hopefully) not getting lost along the way.

I promise that if I get lost, I will be back here to report on myself - why? Because it helps me to remain humble, and, to seek guidance and advice from other more experienced kayakers.

Thanks and have a great next paddle!!

Pretty sure the reference to laughter was on the fish. I don’t think any of us are laughing at you over your questions or desire to set up your kayak in a way that suits you :wink:.

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@TridentJim Oh, no, it was fish laughing at me because I though I could outsmart them. Fish must have really big brains. Its a good idea, if the console fits.

Anyone who follows my posts may find it odd that at one time, the greatest asset I needed on a kayak was a coffee cup holder. My favorite outing was to paddle out and sit, while enjoying the surroundings.

Satellite image is great for deltas, if the image is current, but even if it isn’t, you at least know the general direction.

The only way I catch fish is to go with someone experienced in a power boat. Tbey tell me when to drop the hook, let them take the bait, then set the hook and reel it in, but then I have to admit that it’s the person driving the boat who caught the fish.

My kayak is for exploring.

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