Contact cement suggestions for.....

…attaching velcro patches to graphite Voyager (tiedowns for homemade spray cover)? Will be in both salt & fresh water. Gorilla glue?

I would use regular waterproof contact
cement. But when handling, you have to be careful not to get it up in the plush or hooks and thus render them less effective.

It is possible to use other glues, if you can contrive to get the Velcro to lay flat down on the surface of the boat while the glue dries.

If you can find it “Barge” brand is
night and day better than the typical stuff.

Worth the extra money or time to go pick it up.

Not sure how you are using the velcro but you can extend the velcro to boat bond by putting the “hooks” on the flatter/smoother part and the “loops” on the more curvy or part with less bond quality to it’s surface. Also consider cutting smaller sections of the loops instead of going with 50/50 loops to hooks. As the loop 1/2 tends to bond better for its area. Hope this makes sense.

5 min epoxy
whatever you use, you should sand the surface of that smooth gloss. You can use 220 or higher wet & dry paper (wet0.

5 min epoxy will work too. Put a light layer on both surfaces and in a few minutes you can press them together.

You do know that it will need to be

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replaced at some point, right? I'd try putting the self-adhesive hook component on the hull first, right under the outwales to help keep it from getting crushed. That goo on there is pretty aggressive. If that doesn't work out, you can remove it and start from scratch. The loop parts will also fail eventually from repeated use. Stick with the Velcro brand.

Barge Cement is easy to find
Hardware stores carry it.

…I just heard back from We-no-nah, and they tell me the finish coat is fiberglass resin, which could be used to attach the Velcro. My concern with that is that when/if I want to remove the patches someday, it would be impossible-that they’d be integrated with the finish-not just attached w/ glue that could be cleaned up.

Any thoughts?

Don’t use resin
As tktoo points out, you’ll want to remove/replace it someday. We-no-nah’s suggestion would make a mess of that.

Tap, poke around this site for

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some interesting info on hook/loop choices beside the one I'd consider and linked.

If you choose the pressure-sensitive self-adhesive route for the hook component on the hull, I'd advise sewing the loop onto the spray covers. like I said above, even if the pieces of hook fail to stick securely to your boat, it's worth a try.