container/water jug for washing kayak

I am amazed how hard it is to find information about the simplest things. I’m hoping the nice people on this forum will point me in the right direction.

I live in SW Florida, I paddle in salt water. I wash both my kayak and my car when I get home, every time I paddle, to get the salt water off car/kayak. Spending an hour after every paddle washing and drying car/kayak by hand is getting old. I’m looking for a container/jug I can take along and rinse the kayak after a paddle, and BEFORE getting it on the car, so that I don’t have to wash the car every single time.

Any suggestions for a good container, water contraption, anything that would be easy to transport and use for rinsing a kayak would be much appreciated. I drive a mini cooper and don’t have a lot of space, so I was thinking something around 1-2 GAL capacity.


washing kayak off after paddle
Look at garden sprayers. They are available in 1gal-5 gal sizes

How bout this:
Although I wouldn’t want the weight of the water sloshing around up on rack, this would do what your looking for:

Why not just let the boat dry before loading on ur car?

Portable Shower
We use something similar to this:

4 2 liter soda bottles
fill em and stow wherever. Free. If you don’t drink soda you probably know someone who does. The screw on caps are pretty reliable even after several uses

We go out for ten day in the Everglades and use some for water transport in a Greenland style kayak.

We fill them before the trip and there is always water leftover as the folks at the launches in the Everglades do not look on taking their water for washing boats with kindly eyes.

Simplest solution…
Is sometimes the best one. All my friends and I just use jugs of water, rinse our boats, and pat dry with a towel or sponge before putting on the roof. I use a gallon jug of water. My friend uses an empty Clorox bottle.

2-gallon sprayer
Hardware and garden stores sell them. I have used them for camp showers. Fill with water, pump to pressurize, then spray.

Garden sprayer
A garden sprayer ( clean of course )makes a good shower and can be used to wash you boat after use. I noticed the other day that our local Walmart had a gallon and a half one for $5.

We winter in the Florida keys
and paddle in the salt water almost every day.

Our method is using gallon water jugs.

Two per boat works nicely for rinsing the salt water off.

My yak is an 18 footer, and hers is fifteen

All our friends do the same

Jack L

thanks everyone!
It sounds like I just need to keep it simple. :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!