Containers for packing small gear?

Looking for ideas for containers for First Aid kit, Emergency Repair kit, Wallets & keys etc… I’ve been using plastic boxes with snap on lids that have small gaskets from Wall Mart (cooking section), but they really won’t cut it for immersion or easy access on the water without risking dropping the lids. I didn’t really want to spend the money or gain the weight of something like Pelican or Xtreme hard shell boxes so what else is simple and works. Small drybags and call it a day?

Toxic Nalgene bottles
Perfect use for all your old BPA leaching Lexan Nalgene bottles.

some tupperware
but not all will work.

I prefer peanut butter jars. All sizes, see through, soft plastic so don’t break or damage the boat and waterproof.

small drybags
I need my Nalgenes for food storage. They dont leach BPA into cold oatmeal.

However some outdoor stores sell first aid kits in a bottle for three times what the contents are worth.

In the Wal Mart sporting goods section, they have waterproof plastic boxes in 2 or 3 different sizes with metal latches. The smaller size is abut $5. I’ve used mine for over a year and it’s holding up great.

Watershed has small bags that are
absolutely waterproof, unlike roll-tops which I have found to wick water through the rolled seal. Watershed bags are very durable. The smallest size, which I use for wallet, keys, digital camera, etc., is a little hard to open until you get the hang of putting a radical S-curve into the zip top seal.

I use nalgene bottle for a first aid kit. Different sized bottles for different sized first aid kits. I think they have changed the make up of the bottle due to concerns. I also use “olive” barrels. These are plastic water proof barrels bulk olives are shipped in. You can usually find them for free at markets and bulk food places till they find out there is a market for them. They come in different sizes.


If you’re near MA or RI…
…swing into an Ocean State Job Lot store. They have clear plastic containers of various sizes with gasketed lids and snap latches for $2-$5 each.

Took TRAVISMA’s suggestion and hit a Walmart Super Center. They had small and medium latched, gasketed waterproof boxes for about $5 & $8 that look like they will fit the bill just fine. Not as rugged as a Pelican, but I think they will handle basic abuse just fine.

powder containers (orange). I use the stuff anyway for cycling, so I just wash out the empties. Keeps the small stuff separate and easily fits in the day hatch.


dry bag
and then ziplock backs to separate. I had it in a box inside a drybag but too bulky so I didn’t carry with.

they sell Lexan boxes with O-ring gaskets that work great. I am currently using a Lexan box from Plano, it’s working great. I found it in the fishing section of the local sporting goods store.

CT too…
There are quite a few Ocean State Job Lots in CT too!

Good for storage
I use one of those containers for my repair kit but keep my first aid kit in a clear dry bag (easier to find things without emptying all).

Don’t recommend using those containers for food grade storage though. Closeouts end up in closeout stores for a reason. Unless they state they don’t contain, bisphenol A and phthlates,they may.


Tupperware (not the boat) does not

These are soft, translucent plastic…
…so you can see into them easily. BPA is/was only contained in clear, hard plastics. No worries with these. Besides, most of the food I carry paddling is in its own separate packaging or in zip-lock bags, so it doesn’t matter what the outer container is made of.