Contests of Interest to Paddlers

Since does not seem to be running contests right now, let’s start this topic that contains links to contests of interest to paddlers (at least tangentially.) If you post a contest, PLEASE post the ending date, so that we don’t waste time going to contests that are no longer open.

I will get us started with these two:

Enter to Win a Melker Kayak and Bending Branches Paddles, valued at $4,238 ( Ends 6/5/2023

Lie-Nielsen - Tormek Giveaway ( Ends 5/31/2023

Oh, and let’s restrict it to contests that do not require a purchase. In other words, no raffles.


I entered for the Melker. If I win I’ll send you $12.47 USD!
Great idea, thanks.

Here is a new one:

Brooklyn Kayak Company - Tandem Kayak Package Giveaway | Kayak Angler (

Ends August 30, 2023 (the rules actually say June 13, 2023, but the email I received says August 30th… I think they failed to update their rules from the last contest.)

Not sure if this is a paddling sweepstakes or a non-paddling sweepstakes…

Bixpy K-1 Angler Pro Outboard Kit Giveaway | Kayak Angler (

Ends 12/6/2023

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Paddling Magazine has a sweepstakes for a Point 65 kayak.

Chance to Win A Modular Kayak and Paddle Package from Point 65 Sweden - Paddling Magazine

Ends 12/19/2023


There used to be contests right here on back in the day.

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Yeah, I keep hoping they will bring them back, but so far no luck. I actually won a canoe from one of those contests a few years ago.

I’m becoming pretty sure that the Melker that was won is the one that has been on eBay for some months now.

Paddling Magazine and Angler Magazine have a contest to win 2 Aqua Bound paddles. You have to vote for the “People’s Choice Adward” of the Paddling Film Festival and you can also get a free digital subscription to the two magazines if you wish.

Vote for Your Favorite Film - 2023 Aqua Bound People’s Choice Award – Paddling Film Festival

Ends 1/31/2024

Paddling Magazine is giving away a ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator:

Enter For A Chance To Win a ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator (

Ends 2/22/2024

Here is another contest co-sponsored by Paddling Magazine. Looks like a good one…

Win a canoe trip on the Keele River! - Canoe North Adventures

Ends 2/28/2024

Before you ask, I do not know the correct answer and if I did I would not tell you :wink:

And another contest sponsored by Paddling Magazine:

Ends April 1, 2024 at 5pm ET

Need a new iSUP?

Enter For A Chance To Win The Sea Gods Carta Marina CX Touring iSUP (

Ends May 16, 2024

A free trip to Nothern Minnesota:

Getaway Giveaway: Northern Minnesota Trip For Two (

Ends June 30, 2024