conventional sheath knife for the river

I lost my second knife off my PFD lash tab in less than a year. The first was a Spyderco. Ok, I could see how that one slipped out. The second was a NRS co-pilot. I think the whole sheath/mechanism broke off. The lash tab is still intact.

I’m thinking of just using a conventional sheathed knife that you’d carry on your belt, 'cept I’d put it on my PFD waist belt.

Anyone know of a decent blunt bladed knife in a conventional sheath? $40 is about all I’m going to spend.

not knowing exactly what it looked like
i was wondering if i would have the same problem…so this year i tethered the sheath to the lash tab on my pfd and also added a bungy type leash to the actual knife…tethered that to the tab inside my pfd pocket. this way i have plenty of stretch and for some reason if don’t have enough length or it gets hung up…hey i have a knife and i’ll just cut it. hope you can visualize this. if not let me know and i will send a photo.

not to be an ass
but the thought of a knife at the end of a stretched bungee sends chills down my spine.

Buy an oldie but goodie off eBay
and regrind it to your liking?

cold steel
Check out Cold Steel. They have some reasonable and decent knives.

Use wimpy bungee

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I do the same, a McNett blunt knife in a plastic clippy sheath which is attached to the pfd lash tab. The 'bungee' which connects the knife is completely wimpy 1/16" red stretch cord which has very little spring - I think it was decorative stretchy cord on an LL Bean gift box. It's enough to keep the knife attached, but it doesn't really cause it to bounce (which would be unnerving). A good tug would break it, which is the general idea.

PS I see the knife I mentioned is now called the 'Saturna'. It's cheap, so when the cord breaks and it sinks, I won't mind so much.

gerber river shorty
popular pfd-mount rescue knife. $40

The Frost/Mora River knife from MEC used to be 11.50, and is now about 17 bucks. Well worth it. They are ugly, but have great geometry for every camp task and also cutting rope in a hurry.

They are pointy, so just take a few minutes patiently grinding down the tip.

Another more expensive option is to get a better sheath, check out RiverCitySheaths dot com (I haven’t used them, but I have used kydex sheaths and they are much better.

I use two thin rubber bands to secure my knife, and if I pull it hard, they both break. In a non-emergency, I just slip them back and use the knife.

One of my PFD’s has a benchmade rescue hook. That’s a good tool if you only use it for cutting line. It won’t cut cheese well at all. Sheath is handy, too, but benefits from the elastics as well.

I’ve carried a Gerber EZ Out rescue

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for many years in the front pocket of my PFD, with my whistle attached by lanyard loop.

Or maybe it's a Spyderco Rescue, I have both. Man, those Spyderco's have gotten expensive.

But I also have an older Gerber Clip Lock that I've had for a looooong time on the lash tab. Their River Shorty looks like it could work well.

ok…i should have said that my knife is
curved…so when on the stretchy cord it’s not going to fling back at me and hurt me.It’s almost like a birds talon shape.But i have 2 knives…but this is the one that i attached to my pfd. the other (Blunt tip also, but straight blade)is in the boat.

CRKT Bear Claw?

Less than $40, has a sheath that seems to grip the knife well and requires more than a casual effort to remove it.


nope…not this one…
really curved…like a talon on an Eagle sorta…got it at my paddle shop. can’t remember the name, but it has a small butterfly on the case. i will try and remember to look when i get home tonight. If it was shaped at all like any of these posted, i would have never have attached it the way i did.

Maybe its a Benchmade knife
(butterfly logos) a Rescue Hook?

that sounds like it…

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is that bad? i hope wasn't cheap! just looked it up...yes, it's a rescue knife from benchmade.

I have the Rescue Hook
Never needed to use it but it stays in my pfd and doesn’t show any signs of rust (not salt water though). I like this particular rescue item. I also have a Spyderco Atlantic Salt serrated folder with it.

Gerber River Shorty
Stay in the boat - you’ll loose fewer knives. :slight_smile:

PFD/knife security
I have a Lotus PFD with pockets. The pockets are a fine mesh with an elastic edge at the top. I sewed a piece of fat nylon strap on the PFD above the right pocket for a lash point for the knife sheath. (Left handed) When I don’t expect to be in a situation where I will be in immediate need of the knife, or for storage, I pull the pocket of the PFD over the handle of the knife and end of the inverted sheath, which covers enough that it won’t come out of the sheath. The knife, a Benchmade river knife, is thus safely stored until needed. The kind of paddling I do I don’t expect to need Navy Seal tactical access to the knife. It is useful for cutting fishing line and other various chores, and my folding knife can stay in the truck and not get lost.

That knife sucks for just about anything
Brian, I picked up a McNett knife for $25 at a high priced outdoors store (Ed turned me on to these) and it’s the cat’s pajamas as far as pfd knives go IMHO! It would really be worth your while to check this knife out…might not open a beer bottle though…

Gerber River runner

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pointed end though. I have the Gerber river shorty and only attach it to the boat bungees as an extra. It isn't a great knife or sheath but acceptable - an ok one that can cut if needed ie fishing line type stuff.

The reason i mention it is REI has it on sale for around $25 not bad for what it is. (REI Outlet)

I see a Kershaw Responder that looks very interesting on the outlet as well with a sheath $25 also on sale.

Completely different
You could also consider a pair of those inexpensive but highly functional shears called trauma shears, EMT shears, or various other names.

They’re about 6 bucks, blunt, and can cut most straps, rope and line very well. I haven’t tried on something slippery like spectra, but they will cut a penny.