convertable paddle?

I’ve got a OT Osprey (140 and 158 actually) that I use for day tripping and fishing. Great boat for this purpose and I like the option of being abe to row it ( with oars from center seat) if the wind kicks up. I’ve also played around with useing a 240 cm yak paddle to drive my ospreys in stiff winds and like the result. Problem with both solutions is that you have to carry extra paddles/oars. So my question is does anybody make a decent yak style paddle that converts into two decent caone paddles? I see a few on teh net but can’t find any worthwhile feedback. Any input appreciated.

Mohawk Paddle
Not to be confused with Mohawk Canoe.

I don’t know if it would qualify for your definition of decent, or not, but Mohawk Paddle makes a take apart double bladed canoe paddle and a T grip adapter set that allows you to convert the double bladed paddle into a pair of single bladed paddles. It is not a very elegant paddle with a circular aluminum shaft and molded plastic blades, but I have known some folks who have used it and been satisfied with its performance.

The double bladed canoe paddle comes with either 8" or 9" wide blades which they call the double bladed canoe paddle 8 or double bladed canoe paddle 9 respectively:

Here is the T grip adapter:

As you can see, the prices are pretty moderate, so if you think this might serve your purpose it would not be a terribly expensive experiment to buy one.

Thank you
Thanks, for $60 that looks decent enough. It’s just for short 2-3 hr fishing trips where the paddle takes a beating anyway. I use a better and tailored paddle for anything more serious.

Was hoping somebody may have tried one before. If not, I’ll be the first and post a review at some point.