Convertible Kayak...

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saw an ad for the BIC Scarpa, a SOT with a hard cockpit top that can be added to create a SINK. Cool/warm idea. Just wish the hull design was a little sleeker for cruising, or a little more surf oriented for warm days on the beach.

I love the innovative idea though. Must take a manufacturer with a fresh eye to "light" things up... :)


Mid-life crisis Sing?

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Eyeing up convertibles now?

BTW, when you scroll across the top bar of that site, it makes cool paddle-slosh sounds.

I wonder if…
…it’s meant to be disposable like most BIC products?

Not quite
I had a Bic sailboard that survived several years of hard knocks – mine and a bunch of folks I taught to sail.

throw one my way, anyone… please. :slight_smile:


good idea?
I think the convertable kayak is a good idea as in Arizona I like a SOT for the Summer so I CAN get wet and cool off but I like a SinK in the wonter to stay warmer. So I own 7 kayaks (4 SinK, 3 SoT)

Question is, do the people who own the boat like it?

I Don’t Like Hull Design…
though I like the concept.


Didn’t OK or some other brand try this once before?

An Ocean Kayak convertible???
I believe Ocean Kayak made about a 15’ SOT with a “convertible top”. I think it was called a “Manta”. I also think it had some funky bow fins to keep the bow from pearling.

The South Africans have a bit of a different take on this idea. Johan Loots at PaddleYak makes and markets a couple of 17-18’ kayaks with selfbailing cockpits that have cockpit rims that provide some knee support and can accommodate sprayskirts in cold weather - the Swift Hybird and the Fusion SitOn/SitIn -

Saw an article in WaveLength
The article, from a couple of years ago, showed a hybrid sea kayak (probably the Swift) and described a coming mini-revolution in sea kayaks. I kept waiting to see ads in the U.S. mags for them, but so far ZipZeroZilch. Very disappointing, as I love SOTs but have not found one to suit my tastes.

An expedition hybrid comfortable for both hot and cold seasons…droooool.

That’s Closer To What I Would
want in a hull design for a touring boat. Still, I think that “hard top” still seems pretty darn open. Would take a huge skirt to seal it and I am not sure where my knees/thighs make contact.


hoop skirt
For somthing like that to work, you’d need some sort of hoops (aluminum or tent poles) that can be attached to the hull with…say…like a skinny flush mount rod holder.

Then just a large spray skirt to go over the top of it.

Only thing I’d worry about is having it come off when you didn’t want it too. But not much different than a touring yak.

With the tent-pole option, the whole top would probably come off and you’d have that whole mess around your waste. So you’d probably would want the hoops to be fixed in very secure.

Ocean Kayak Dawn Tracker
Ocean Kayak made a convertible called the Dawn tracker. It was discontinued. The Manta was SOT only with a hammer head bow.

Might be good for someone who wants an SOT and a Rec boat, and wants to keep it down to one kayak. Hard for me to imagine only have one kayak…