Converting a kayak to a C1

I’ve been fooling around with the idea of converting a high volume river runner (kayak) into a C1. Anyone have any experience with this? The info i’ve been able to find so far has been pretty vague. Most books I’ve found say to buy a C1 saddle and install it to manufacturer specs. As far as I can tell nobody even makes them anymore.

My first thought was to outfit it like a regular open boat with a foam saddle and d-rings for thigh straps. But how do you get anything to stick to a poly hull?

There is a fairly new two part epoxy
out that is made just for plastic.

You can get it in most places like Lowes and just about any hardware store.



what a waste of K-1 hull
Go look at

You’ll find more there that anywhere else


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here's the site
There's an outfitting link at the top, as well as loads of helpful non sheeplike paddlers there.
Quick bit of info. you can go to places like Mike Yee
though he's more OC-1 with saddle height.
I found best deal surprisingly on thigh straps was Bell Canoe.
Good thing for outfitting is simply buying minicell and carving your own saddles, ankle blocks, thigh pads etc...
Like the US setting up a fake South American business to buy Soviet titanium during the cold war, you can go to these guys to turn your communist butt boat into something worthy of an individualistic freedom loving American; one who's not a sheep ;-).
click on "closed cell foam."
Having good luck with 3m5200 as an adhesive. Available at marinas and marine supply stores.
Welcome to the bright side.

My son Aaron in a ForPlay we bought from TommyC1.
A little small but a lot of fun. Good park and play boat.