Converting a kayak to C-1

I've got a Riot Magnum that I cracked (on the hull, 16" behind the seat) and had welded. In the summer time the local whitewater is pretty limited so a person can get a little burned-out boating the same runs over and over. I was thinking about converting the kayak to a C-1 to kind of mix things up a bit. The thing is I don't know how much time and/or effort I should put into it as my knees might not even tolerate it. If I were to do this what would be the best approach? Search for a package of used outfitting? Buy everything new? Forget about the conversion and just keep my eye's open for someone selling an old C-1? (don't see many used C-1's for sale in Calif)

I don’t know what a “Riot Magnum” is…
but it sounds like it would be a fun project to screw around with in your spare time, and in the mean time you could still look around for a old WW C-1

Leave a little of the front and rear decks on, and the fininshed product could be called a K/C-1 !



Jack it’s a playboat.
Little short thing goes in circles a lot. Won’t be no deck cutting. will have all the conversion options to see as well as a bunch of folks to answer questions.

My Foreplay has an aluminum tube run between the fore and aft pillars and a minicell saddle. The thigh straps run from the tube between my knees to one of the old thighbrace boltholes on each side. Boats a swimming lesson for me but the setup seems to work pretty well.

Good luck and show us pictures!


The C1ers here who have
made a conversion are making their own outfitting with plenty of trial and error. They are using heavy duty foam and even aluminum posts to keep the outfitting solid and themselves in the boat when rolling. is a great resource
Lots of good ideas, photos, explanations on how to convert/improve, etc.

Thanks all for the suggestions

How wide is it?
C1’s need to be pretty wide. Your Riot may not be wide enough to be a good candidate for conversion.