Converting a used explorer to a 3-piece

Is it possible?

If I were to buy a used NDK explorer are there people out there that I could pay to convert it to a three piece or does it have to be done from scratch…


ditto what eric said

oh, stop exaggerating
a sunny afternoon, a few beers, some cloth, some resin and a hacksaw, bobs your uncle. it can’t be that hard…

I agree. Making an explorer into a 3-piece should be quick and very cheap. Take about 5 minutes with a sawzall.

(putting it back together is the expensive part)

ok,I figured it out
now I just need to finish the repair of a friends Looksha III that I messed up.

My Valley Aq LV sectional

– Last Updated: Mar-05-09 5:47 PM EST –

from 2008: the cost for the sectional modification ALONE is $1200 US.

Yes, you read that right. Take the price of a new sea kayak, add $1200. If you want a ccarb Kev hull so that the weight goes back down to something in the realm of reasonable, tack on another $500-$800

Sea Kayaker Magazine, within the last three issues, had a full story on a guy that very successfully sectionalized his 'glass yak. It featured complete how=to details. If you are handy, it'd save you tons of moola. There was also another Sea Kayaker article re it in 1991. But the 2008 article was very detailed about how to cut the boat, glass it, et cetera.

someone here told me
half of the NDK fleet comes in pieces anyway.

Good one, seakak1. So true.

Thanks for all the advice… :slight_smile:
I think the 3-piece idea has to go out the window. It is just way too expensive and there is little chance in finding a used one.

We currently own two Feathercraft (wisper)-which we love but we would really like to get a hard shell.

I just need to figure out how to fit it (2 hardshells!) in our already cramped one-bed apartment.

I am wondering if I am just being silly wanting a hard shell when the folding fits just fine…

Canoe Club?
Is there a nearby canoe or kayak club that offers storage? Check with the racing clubs as well as the recreational ones, as some have a fleet that they store inside, and will store members’ boats for an annual fee.

I assume you have asked all your friends and relatives with garages?