cook kits

Hello -

It is time for our Adventure Camp to begin replacing our well-used old cook kits. We bought these many years ago, they were made by the Mirro Aluminum Company of Manitowoc, WI. Unfortunately Mirro is no longer in business.

Our Mirro kits were quite heavy duty, and have held up well. They are not the thin aluminum 4-person kits readily available at WalMart and the like. They are typical configuration - a kettle with a frying pan top, a smaller kettle & cover, a smaller yet kettle and top, a couple of lid grippers, and a small coffee pot with lid.

We are looking for suggestions for appropriate heavy duty nesting cook kits, and where to get them.

Thanks a lot. Jim

Check out your camps
status w/a few of the companies that offer pro-deals or wholesale to institutions . REI-Campmor- Sigg , they used to make a pretty big heavy duty cook set to go with their alcohol burner stove, consider usin stainless

good luck


I know what you mean
We have such a set that we got in the mid 60’s and it is still going strong. This new stuff is some thin stainless that has hot spots or some obscenely expensive titanium crap. I’m regressing as I now carry a cast iron Griswold skillet in my cooking gear.